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KLEMCO Distribution a Canadian company located in the City of Westmount, Quebec, Canada. This  Crystal store is proudly  world's main supplier of Auralite-23 crystals around the globe. KLEMCO distribution is looking for Sales Persons,  Reps and distributors around the world to place Auralite crystals as many homes as possible.

AURALITE-23 Crystal

A Rare Canadian Gem and Energy Stone.

Our Auralite-23 Gemstones Come Directly From The Auralite Mine, Ontario, Canada Where Heavenly and Earthly Energies Meet Together.

It Is Energy of Pure Nature That Has Never Been Experienced Anywhere Else On Earth. These Energies Are Vibrating at The Highest Level Of All Times.


We are proud to share with you this legendary new discovery of ethically hand mined crystals from Canada-s sacred *CAVE OF WONDERS* remotely nestled far north of LAKE SUPERIOR within the BOREAL FOREST of the CANADIAN SHIELD.

We provide high graded, ethically  hand mined, 100% authentic 
Auralite crystals & other finished products. Our Auralite crystal are brought from Canada’s sacred “Cave of Wonders”. We ship Auralite 23 & other Mineral Specimens World-wide. All of our minerals have the best quality, beauty, prices & energy in the market.

Our Auralite-23 gemstones come exclusively from the Auralite mine in Ontario, Canada where heavenly & earthly energies meet together. They're nature's pure energy that has never been experienced elsewhere on earth. This energy vibrates at the highest level witnessed until today. Auralite healing Crystals are ideal for meditation, reiki, home or office decorations.

Auralite-23 is a very powerful metaphysical tool. It is called by many the "most powerful crystal" to have ever been discovered on earth & the "Master healer of all Times".

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Join our crystal movement and become a Distributor or Supplier of  Auralite-23.  It is a recently discovered  gem  In the Canada’s Sacred Cave of Wonders.

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